The main services
CHINKAI ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Mainly engaged in the power cord, wiring, extension cords, plugs, adapters and affiliated products processing and assembly. Over the years of development efforts, the factory is fully equipped with the development, design and mass production capabilities, stringent quality system and excellent talent, making the plant growing stronger, and smooth CNS made the first national standards for certification R41087, with the customer's perspective and demand Innovative ideas to produce more high-quality products and provide better service.
The concept of green design and planning
Professional design and planning, as you do use an extension cord safety checks, dedicated disaster or production process of environmental pollution prevention, environmental protection will gradually rooted in the concept of planning and manufacturing of products,
Products processing services
The main products are high temperature, high pressure resistance wires and silicon rubber series and Teflon series of casing. Have excellent heat resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance and voltage.
Product sales
Made in Taiwan sold in Taiwan, the company's products can be found in the major supermarket, department store or online electronic
Foundry Services
OEM franchise wire, wire products manufacturer specializing in the class, the early start to produce high heat wire wire, the products have a high degree of trust and affirmation owners.
Main products
Patented anti-shedding an extension cord, patent bilateral power outages - saving safety extension cord, extension cord transformer plug special, unique security 2PIN change 3PIN socket extension cord, a variety of colors -180 plug on three sides, three-hole four-hole tin extension cord, all kinds of adjustable outlet / plug and lighting equipment, and so diverse product